The Headlight Doctor's Specials

The Headlight Doctor doesn’t care where your vehicle is because he will restore headlights in Jacksonville FL by coming to you! It only takes about 60 minutes from the time we start your car until it is ready to hit the road again. We will restore headlights at your home or office or while you shop or eat dinner. The Headlight Doctor is fast, efficient and affordable. The Headlight Doctor is the best in the business.

Restore Headlights Affordably

When you restore your headlights with the Headlight Doctor Jacksonville FL, you already are choosing and affordable solution. We can restore headlights at a fraction of what it would cost you to replace them. Now, you can save even more money with our specials. Take a look at our specials below! 

Don’t replace those headlights - make an appointment today with the Headlight Doctor!